Friday, December 27, 2013

Time of The Doctor rant

Hello Whovians so Christmas has come and gone and with it so did the Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith, and to be honest I was so disappointed. Matt deserved so much more than that so I've come today with a rant on Moffat's failure to give Matt the send off he deserved.

since the beginning of Series seven Whovians have been put on an emotional rollercoaster ride, that started with the announcement that two of the Doctor's best companions would be handing in their TARDIS keys, and leaving the show, so Whovians sat through the first half of series seven trying to prepare to say goodbye to our Ponds, then came the day, a thousand hearts breaking as we watched his two shatter on the ground, when his Amelia Pond said the words, "Raggedy Man goodbye." then we were given hope.

Hope that the Doctor wouldn't be alone, in the form of Victorian nanny, Clara, and even that was taken away, only to be replaced by another Clara, one with the same face, and voice but none of the memories.

Then came the third big announcement, the cast for the Fiftieth Anniversary was released, and we saw two very dear and familiar names and faces, in David Tennant our Tenth Doctor and the love of the Doctor's life Billie Piper, or Rose Tyler, and the announcement that Matt Smith was signed for series eight, that our Raggedy Doctor would indeed stick around.

Then in June our worlds were shaken again when Matt Smith came out with the news, he would be hanging up the bowtie, and passing on his sonic to another, and fans around the globe cried out that they didn't want him to go. so we laughed through our tears as we watched our Doctors join together to fight the Zygons in the much awaited Day of The Doctor, one of Matt Smiths finest hours, as he, David Tennant, and the forgotten Doctor John Hurt joined forces, and did the one thing that the Doctor has wanted to do since the show was rebooted in 2005 they saved Gallifrey from the Time War, and the words given to Eleven in that gallery by that very familiar and iconic man that, "Gallifrey falls no more." and hope was given to the Doctor as he stood on that cloud looking up at Gallifrey, with all of him around him.

Then came the wait it may have only been a month, but it felt like years, then came Christmas night, all of us Whovians gathering around our T.Vs some with sonic screwdrivers in hand, dressed in our Whovian apparel, to say goodbye to our Raggedy Doctor.

It all started fine, the Doctor following signals, ending up on a Dalek ship with a severed eye stalk, very Matt, and it started to build there, we were shown the birth of Silence and what they really meant when they said Silence will fall when the question was asked, they even brought back the crack all the way from series 5 and had Gallifrey calling to them from inside, and I personally was like yes this is going to be epic, then The Doctor sends Clara away, and she hangs onto the TARDIS an act that if we remember correctly has happened before

and it lead to this

oh and let's not forget the fact that when Clara was riding the TARDIS while she was in flight 300 years pass for the Doctor, and he starts to get old now this isn't so odd seeing as he doesn't have his TARDIS and all, but he doesn't even seem to really doing anything aside from fixing broken toys and making barns bigger on the inside, we don't see him joining the fight against the aliens that besiege the planet, aside from slight cameos throughout the episode, he just doesn't seem like the Matt Smith Doctor we all loved from the moment he was bouncing about the TARDIS yelling I STILL GOT LEGS! Moffat rushed through so much of the action we barely got to see our Raggedy man be an active part in the show, then Clara gets back and all he does is send her away and go on doing the same thing he did for 300 years, what's that you ask? well we don't know because Moffat made so we blinked and haha the Doctor is now very properly old, and seems just a little bit senile, and then Clara comes back and they crack a Christmas cracker in which there's a poem that seems as though it's really written for the Doctor, and then the Daleks get there.

At this moment I'm expecting that, this is how he'll go, by Dalek, he climbs the stairs very slow because Moffat decided to make him properly old, and Clara pleads with the crack, plead for the time lords to give the Doctor this last gift, now this part was actually when it seemed like Moffat was starting to realize where he was really going with this, then the crack is gone, and it seems it took all hope with it. while outside the Doctor is delivering a speech, telling them that they failed that in the end it was age that got him, at this moment I realized that's how they were going to do it. old age.

I nearly started to cry then, because this is not the ending that Matt deserved. he earned one that had everything Matt Smith to it, he should have gone out in a blaze of glory, not I'm going to grow old and die. It was like Moffat forgot what actor he was writing this for, and made the Raggedy Doctor fizzle out.

Matt earned so much more of a regeneration than that, while yes Moffat had the time lords give him another life cycle, and he used some of that energy to completely wipe the Daleks out of existence (again) it was far to little, much too late. because Matt deserved to go out the way his Doctor lived, a truly epic speech like the warning to the angels



even in the end of Day of The Doctor

and while yes there was a speech and it held that Matt Smith emotion, it seemed like Moffat only wrote it in there because it was expected it held impact but not in the same way, it seemed like Moffat was only putting it in there because Matt is known for his speeches, and I feel like Matt delivered it perfectly, but Moffat placed it wrong

and then we blinked and then he was gone basically, it was like hey here is this heartfelt final speech from your beloved Matt Smith and boom here's Capaldi! it was too fast they should have slowed it made it have more of an impact like when Ten said I don't want to go, or when nine said that they were fantastic and you could watch the features change through that iconic gold light, but they just had Matt nod and it was done. so it really didn't even give fans enough time to shed a tear for their Doctor before another was thrust on them, and for this Moffat I feel it's time for you to step down, before you ruin the show like you ruined Matt's final episode. Because you took this huge epic man that was our Raggedy Eleventh Doctor, and you made him fizzle, when he should have gone out like he existed, and will exist in the hearts of Whovians everywhere.

With a bang
 A twirl

the cool

and a great big geronimo

so with this I say goodbye Raggedy man you will always be the Doctor, who became my best friend. so GERONIMO Matt and please don't ever forget us, we are the fans who waited with Amelia Pond, who's hearts shattered with yours, so please I ask you don't be sad, because, while you hung up yours the fandom is getting up, straightening our bowties, brushing off our fezzes, grabbing our sonics raising them in the air and saying Geronimo for our Raggedy Doctor

We're all stories in the end just make it a good one~Matt Smith Doctor Who Wisdom of the Bookworms,

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Walking dead freak out,

Hello so today I'm going to be ranting about my latest feels attack, the Walking Dead.

 today I watched the latest episode, and I'm pissed with how it happened, I legitimately cried my eyes out when I watched it, and I have never wanted a character to die as bad as I did today, even if his actor guest starred in my favorite show of all time, he needed to die, yes that's right people David Morrisey,

His part as the Governor crossed the final line this week, though not as much of a line as the writers did, I'll try not to post too many spoilers for the benefit of all of my fellow Walking Dead fans, I will say this if someone isn't still alive come February, I will scream, and I might give up on the show, though that probably won't happen, this week too damn many people died, and I cried way too many tears, who would do what they did? I hate this, I am angry with them for what they did, but I also can't wait till it returns in February. now I'll conclude this with one message. 

Let little asskicker live.
 who could kill a face like this? 

You walk outside, you risk your life. You take a drink of water, you risk your life. Nowadays you breath and you risk your life. You don’t have a choice. The only thing you can choose is what you’re risking it for.~ Hershel from the Walking Dead Wisdom of the Bookworms,

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