Friday, April 19, 2013

Surfacing the Rim by Venessa Kimball

Surfacing the Rim
Venessa Kimball 

About the book:
Reality has been set askew... Jesca Gershon-Sera s life changed forever in the first installment of the Piercing the Fold series. She discovered that she was not an average college student from Marietta, Georgia. Rather, she had a purpose as a Dobrian guardian to protect our world and its humanity. Evolving into an illusion... In Surfacing the Rim: Book 2, the battle between good and evil continues between the Dobrian and Sondian fellowships. The salvation of our world s existence beyond the impending galactic intersection lays in the hands of a Dobrian team of guardians, including Jesca and her father, Ezra Kahn. The Sondian fellowship s inhumane corruption of our world is spreading like wildfire, redrawing lines between allies and enemies. Where bonds are deepened... Jesca continues to strengthen her relationship with Ezra while her physical attraction to Nate Sera, a fellow Dobrian, intensifies. Adopted son of Sondian Samson Crest, Xander Crest has to come to terms with the corrupt Sondian fellowship he has been aiding unknowingly and forms an alliance with the Dobrian fellowship and the one person he did not want to leave behind in Piercing the Fold: Book 1. And choices must be made. Jesca s fortitude is put to the test when she must make crucial decisions in battle and in love. Jesca and the Dobrian guardian team must stop the chaos the Sondians intend to draw into our world from another galaxy. All the while, Jesca must choose between the predestined link that she shares with Nate and the unresolved attraction she holds for Xander. With unexpected twists and turns, Jesca will face a battle of epic proportions in this pre-apocalyptic installment of Piercing the Fold. Will Jesca have enough courage to surface the rim of this reality?

The review:
Like book one this book caught me by the mouth and drug me in, where I sat buried deep in the suspenseful second book of Piercing the Fold series. If anything this book was even better than the first, leaving my head reeling with each twist and turn, and causing me to almost cry out in anguish when I reached the cliffhanger at the end. Surfacing the Rim left me with so many questions, #1 being where is book three, and the rest, well I can only say one thing about those, Spoilers. Wink wink. I love Venessa’s characters and how from the moment you meet them you dread anything bad happening to them, I also love the dynamic between her main characters. It’s not often that you find a book that makes the two guys vying for the Heroine’s eye, actually get along, I found this a very refreshing turn on the love triangle, not having the guys trying to kill each other. On that note, while it seems a lot of people go for the good boy in this, by the end of the book, I’ve decided that I am firmly on “Team Xander” and don’t foresee that changing any time soon. I can’t wait for book three, and really I’m left speechless. This book was so wonderfully written, and usually I don’t rate a book by stars, but if I had to rate this one it would be five stars!

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Peircing the Fold Book 1 by Vanessa Kimball

Piercing the fold Book 1
Venessa Kimball
about the book
Jesca Gershon-Sera has an average life on the surface. She is a sophmore in college, has a loving family, and holds a part time job at a local bookstore with her best friend. Her life is pretty normal. Except, under the surface she feels like she is losing her mind. Reoccurring nightmares have plagued Jesca for most of her childhood. She thought nothing of them, until they began intensifying and finding their way into her waking hours. Voices, vivid images and supernatural abilities in her nightmares are beginning to seep into her reality. Ezra Kahn is one of her college professors. Lately, Ezra happens to be everywhere she is; like he is watching her. Along with the slight fear that her professor is stalking her, Jesca fears that she won't be able to handle much more of the insanity that is blurring her reality. On a chance encounter, Jesca confides in Ezra about the crazy happenings. Jesca thought that he would think her to be insane or a freak. But, to Jesca's surprise, Ezra Kahn reveals that she is not a lunatic and that all of the insanity is very real. Instantly, Jesca's reality is set askew. Ezra reveals that he has been sent to help her. He tells her she is experiencing these events in her life because of her inherited purpose to protect humanity from inconceivable catastrophe. Jesca's roller coaster begins here! Boasting piercing suspense, pre-apocalyptic adventure, consuming romance, and "reality-based" spirituality and science fiction, Piercing the Fold: Book 1 will pull the reader in for the ride and won't let go!

the review. 
 Venessa Kimball's Piercing the fold caught my attention from the first chapter ah hell it caught it from the prologue and I am not ashamed to admit that Venessa pulled me into a world I never could have imagined on my own, and though I admit that I’m not a huge fan of science. I loved the way that Venessa mixed it in, and really I now really can’t wait to read book two. I mean it even held my attention when I usually watch Doctor Who! I also loved the way that she made it that Jesca’s feelings for Nate didn’t pull anything from the story, it wasn’t the main objective to say hey this girl is attracted to this boy, it was more subtle. Like I was actually pleased by the fact that it didn’t take the center stage, like so many other book that I’ve read. There are so many things that Venessa did in this book that lead into wanting to read the next book, because you are left with just enough unanswered questions that you’ll be very intent on reading the next book. I can’t wait until I can dive into this story again in book two.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Perks Of Being A Wallflower
about the book: Standing on the fringes of life offers a unique perspective. But there comes a time to see what it looks like from the dance floor. This haunting novel about the dilemma of passivity vs. passion has become a modern classic. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is the story of what it’s like to grow up in high school. More intimate than a diary, Charlie’s letters are singular and unique, hilarious and devastating. We may not know where he lives or to whom he is writing. All we know is the world he shares. Caught between trying to live his life and trying to run from it puts him on a strange course through uncharted territory. The world of first dates and mixed tapes, family dramas and new friends. The world of sex, drugs, and music—when all one requires to feel infinite is that perfect song on that perfect drive. Through Charlie, Stephen Chbosky has created a deeply affecting story, a powerful novel that will spirit you back to those wild and poignant roller coaster days known as growing up.

the Review: I will most likely not be the first to admit that I mostly wanted to read this because it was a movie with Emma Watson in it, and it helped that it was one of the books chosen to be read in my book club. But even though I picked it up because the movie had Emma in it I never would have expected it to hit me so hard, the story is powerful and holds so many meanings that it could make your head spin, it shows the real life of many teens throughout America perhaps even the world. Charlie was a quiet boy that to put it simply had a lot of issues, issues that he couldn't talk to anyone about. But still he found a way to make friends that saw him for who he was and excepted him for it. The kind of friends that we all really want.
this book hit me right where it counts it hit me in the heart I felt what Charlie was feeling when he wrote the letters in the book, and I felt it when he said that they were infinite, because no matter what we are all infinite in our own ways. I loved this book and I would suggest it to anyone no matter your age and whether or not you like to read, because it's a wonderfully written story and I feel that it will truly be infinite
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