Monday, November 25, 2013

the big Five O has come and past

Hello Whovians The Doctor here all Twelve of me, and I would just like to say thank you, for everything. Without you there would be no fifty year celebration of my show, without you there would be no show. 
Without Whovians there would not be people to this day offering random strangers jelly babies, a scarf a mile long would just be a scarf that nobody would understand, a recorder would just be an instrument, a Canary yellow roadster would just be a cool old car, celery would just be a vegetable, a police box would be a police box,  a fez would just be a hat, a bow tie would be a ridiculous piece of clothing that hipsters wear, Geronimo would be a word long forgotten, allons-y would just be french for let's go, brainy specs would just be something people wore to make themselves look geeky, fantastic would just be a word, a statue would be a statue, and not something out of nightmares, a shadow would be a shadow, and the words who turned out the lights would just be a question, 3D glasses would just be worn in a theater, a jammy dodger would just be a cookie, bad wolf would still just be a part of a children's story, no sentence would have even been started on Bad Wolf Bay, a river would just be water flowing in one direction, a pond would just be a body of water, a rose a flower, a fob watch would just be a way of telling time, a screwdriver was just for fastening a screw, a moment would just be a point in time, paper wouldn't be psychic, a phone could never possibly call anywhere any time in space, an umbrella was just to protect you from rain, and a crack was just a crack, and the words I don't want to go wouldn't break hearts everywhere, and a TARDIS would not be real in the hearts of millions, Thank you Whovians without you we wouldn't be here without you this show wouldn't have lasted ten years let alone fifty. We brought hope to you, but you will always give hope to us. Allons-y and geronimo, you are all fantastic, and maybe with your help we could keep going for fifty more years

Gallifrey falls no more~ the Curator of the national gallery. Wisdom of the Bookworms,

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Saturday, November 23, 2013


Hello Whovians not that I expect many of you are on today, seeing as it's the day, The Day Of The Doctor.
 So I'll keep my introduction short, seeing as we are all eager to become glued to our T.V's and computer screens. Today I present to you my 50 favorite companions Doctors One offs several time guests and enemies, though of course I want to kick it off with a brilliant fan made trailer for the Fiftieth 

#50. Jackson Lake. He was a very memorable character, because even though he wasn't he held the same characteristics of the Doctor and harnessed them perfectly

#49. Kazran Sardic. The Ebeneezer Scrooge of Doctor Who, with a little bit more of a wibbly wobbly story line.  

#48. Abigail Pettigrew, Kazran's love, who's voice could charm the fish that swam in the sky

#47. Craig Owens. Who can't like the guy who let the Doctor become his Lodger? plus there's Stormy we all love Stormy

#46. Dalek Emperor Though short lived he was such a pivotal part in the events of the first season of the reboot of Doctor Who, the mad Dalek who thought himself a god. 

#45. The Cult of Skaro. The only Daleks in the universe that have ideas 

#44. Astrid Peth the girl who never got to see the stars with the Doctor

#43. Adipose Those adorable little fat babies the only monster you physically can't hate 

#42. Adric. The Doctor's companion taken before his time

#41. The Second Doctor with his flute and fur coat

#40. Brian Williams, Rory's dad who always carries a trowel and Golf balls, who never traveled till he met the Doctor.

#39. Jo Grant she started as his assistant for Unit and she became so much more

#38. The First Doctor The man who got this party started fifty years ago today, we wouldn't have this post without him

#37. Metacrisis Doctor The Doctor made to love Rose Tyler. It's the love story that we waited for, even if he wasn't him

#36. Proper Dave Vashta Nerada Hey who turned out the lights?

#35. Harriet Jones Harriett Jones MP Flydale North, or Harriet Jones Prime Minister, or my personal fave Harriet Jones Former Prime Minister, Yes we know who you are  

#34. Clara the impossible girl, I didn't like her when it started, but she's growing on me

#33. Ood well that's Ood

#32. The Third Doctor Trapped on Earth by the Time Lords The Third Doctor makes the best of it while he tries to fix his TARDIS so he can go back to traveling

#31.  Jackie Tyler Rose Tyler's mum I feel like she was under appreciated 

#30. Martha Jones The girl who wandered the earth and showed us that there is life after the Doctor

#29. Romana a fellow Time Lord employed by the white guardian to help the Doctor find the Key to Time 

#28. Davros the age old enemy of the Doctor the creator of the Doctor's greatest foes 

#27. Cybermen the most terrifying thing there is when you think about the advances of technology  

#26. Mickey Smith or Mickey the Idiot

#25. The Fifth Doctor The Doctor with the Celery, he is one of the first Doctor's I as a Whovian ever saw

#24. The Fourth Doctor, my first Doctor, when my father heard they were coming out with a new series of Doctor Who he decided that we absolutely had to see where it started for him before we watched the new one

#23. K-9 The original Tin Dog

#22. Donna Noble The most important woman in the universe Donna showed that you don't need to be remarkable to be great

#21. Madame Kovarian the Vilest woman I've seen on Doctor Who to date

#20. Bad Wolf she creates herself

#19. Wilfred Mott Donna's grandad the most unappreciated character in the show he was the one there telling Donna to go out there and look for the Doctor, to never take her eyes off the stars  

#18. Stormageddon The Dark Lord of all the Baby that has taken over the fandom, I can guarantee that almost every Whovian that knows a baby boy has called him Stormageddon at least once I know I have

#17. Strax the best Sontaran in the Whoneverse, he is the potato one that tries to be clever

#16. Weeping Angels I still can't take my eyes off of a statue for more than a second 

#15. Jenny Flint. Jenny's a bad ass okay?

#14. Jenny the Doctor's Daughter Jenny another character that Moffat gave us and refuses to give back the girl that showed the Doctor that the past doesn't mean anything beside the present 

#13. The Master the Doctor's best friend betraying him back on Gallifrey when he was driven mad by the drums inside of his head

#12. Madame Vastra The most badassed Silurian in the show, I swear her, Jenny, and Strax need a spin off stat

#11. Sarah Jane Smith. The Companion that showed us that just because the Doctor left you it doesn't mean you have to have an average life.

#10. Jack Harkness the man who flirts with everything, and will sleep with more, Jack won my heart when he caught Rose in his Grav Tunnel over the Blitz, and I really wish Moffat would get his head out of his arse and bring him back

#9. Idris. The TARDIS in a human body, a genius idea, she was such a great character even if she only lasted as Idris for the one episode she was very memorable, and I wish he could bring Sexy back 

#8. The TARDIS. The Doctor's constant companion, that blue box that doesn't always take him where he wants to go, but allways takes him where he needs to go. this is the shape that if we see one we automatically think Doctor

#7.  River Song or Melody Pond either name it spells awesome, she's mysterious and for some reason even though we've seen almost her entire life we still don't know half of what has happened to her, in essence we still don't know who River Song is. She is beautiful and she loves the Doctor. So really is there anything left I can say aside from I love River Song?

#6. Rory Williams. What's not to love about Rory? he's the perfect guy, you know one of the ones that are really hard to find. He waited two thousand years for Amy outside of a box, and faced Cybermen to find Amy, he even took an energy bolt for his loves best friend. He is a strong character, that shows you that he doesn't have to come from another world to be amazing, it makes you take another look at that boy next door doesn't it?

#5. Rose Tyler. The Bad Wolf, The girl who will walk through universes, but that's not what makes Rose so great, she shows a strength that you don't expect to see, she has such a love for the Doctor that she is willing to rip apart the universe to see him again, she will look into the heart of the TARDIS to save his life, even if it means losing her own. 

#4. Amy Pond. Yes The girl who waited, she showed me that it was okay to follow your dreams to the point of obsession, and that you shouldn't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. She also shows you that you should do everything to protect those you love, she is the strongest woman on T.V for sure

#3. The Ninth Doctor, Nine was the one who introduced, me and got me thinking, that I could really enjoy this show, and slowly drew me in with his character and uniqueness. 

#2. The Eleventh Doctor. He became my best friend, and I'll admit as his series' went on he almost got to Ten height, though not quite His childish ways, and hidden darkness endeared him to me instantly, and it told me that the Doctor wasn't just a name, passed down from face to face, because Eleven holds so much of his past incarnations in the way he acts and moves 

#1.  The Tenth Doctor. He is my Doctor he made me fall in love with the time lord, and he made me fall in love with the show, he was the Doctor I waited for. So he is my favorite Character of all time

1941. Right now, not very far from here, the German war machine is rolling up the map of Europe. Country after country, falling like dominoes. Nothing can stop it—nothing. Until one tiny, damp little island says "No". "No. Not here". A mouse in front of a lion. You're amazing, the lot of you. I don't know what you do to Hitler, but you frighten the hell out of me.~The Doctor. Wisdom of the Bookworms,

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