Monday, November 25, 2013

the big Five O has come and past

Hello Whovians The Doctor here all Twelve of me, and I would just like to say thank you, for everything. Without you there would be no fifty year celebration of my show, without you there would be no show. 
Without Whovians there would not be people to this day offering random strangers jelly babies, a scarf a mile long would just be a scarf that nobody would understand, a recorder would just be an instrument, a Canary yellow roadster would just be a cool old car, celery would just be a vegetable, a police box would be a police box,  a fez would just be a hat, a bow tie would be a ridiculous piece of clothing that hipsters wear, Geronimo would be a word long forgotten, allons-y would just be french for let's go, brainy specs would just be something people wore to make themselves look geeky, fantastic would just be a word, a statue would be a statue, and not something out of nightmares, a shadow would be a shadow, and the words who turned out the lights would just be a question, 3D glasses would just be worn in a theater, a jammy dodger would just be a cookie, bad wolf would still just be a part of a children's story, no sentence would have even been started on Bad Wolf Bay, a river would just be water flowing in one direction, a pond would just be a body of water, a rose a flower, a fob watch would just be a way of telling time, a screwdriver was just for fastening a screw, a moment would just be a point in time, paper wouldn't be psychic, a phone could never possibly call anywhere any time in space, an umbrella was just to protect you from rain, and a crack was just a crack, and the words I don't want to go wouldn't break hearts everywhere, and a TARDIS would not be real in the hearts of millions, Thank you Whovians without you we wouldn't be here without you this show wouldn't have lasted ten years let alone fifty. We brought hope to you, but you will always give hope to us. Allons-y and geronimo, you are all fantastic, and maybe with your help we could keep going for fifty more years

Gallifrey falls no more~ the Curator of the national gallery. Wisdom of the Bookworms,

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